Examples of work

Gilt leather
Furniture conservation
Leather flying jacket
Car upholstery
Various projects
designer leather furniture conservation

Right. Freud's desk chair after conservation. Seen here in his study at the Freud Museum.

The samples of work below give a broad outline of the type of leather conservation and restoration carried out.  However, it is by no means an exhaustive list.

Gilt leather conservation

Gilt leather, also sometimes known as Spanish leather, was mainly used for wall hangings and screens.  However, it may also be found on chairs and other items.

Furniture conservation

Upholstery on chairs can be conserved and repaired, and lost colour can be replaced.  Items such as desk tops can be cleaned, repaired and polished.

Flying Jacket restoration

The leather jacket had tears and loss of finish.  The conservation work included the repair of splits and reinstatement of finish.

Car upholstery restoration

Many cars had their leather replaced in the past.  Original covering are becoming relatively rare, particularly on older cars.  Conserving the original rather than replacing it is becoming increasingly popular.  The result is not as strong as new leather but the seats can usually be used with care.

Various projects

Incised leather box
Chair with hide seat
State harness

Designer leather chairs

Designer furniture from the 60's and 70's is very collectable and the chairs often have leather components which are failing or losing their colour.

Further examples of leather conservation

This is my other web site where more examples of leather conservation can be found, including Greta Garbo's make up box.

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